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The CapitalFITS – Fixed Income Trading Simulator (v1.0 – launched April 2013) is the latest addition to our simulation platforms.  Given the massive size of the Fixed Income markets, it is imperative that staff and students have the ability to understand this complex market.  Knowing how fixed income securities, along with money market instruments, can be weaved into a better understand of the markets as well as how to hedge risk and use repos to manage expectations.

Students trade against an electronic market, and depending on the simulaton, trade a number of different government, municipals, agency corporate, asset-backed and money market instruments.

As with all of our platforms, we provide a core number of simulations, but provide the tools to our users to create their own simulations, which can be comprised of historical and client designed scenarios which illustrate particular market conditions.  The FITS platform allows for users to trade a fixed income portfolio for any given number of markets, either defined by time, or geography or currency.

As with most of our simulation platforms, we license the FITS either indivudally or as part of our “Power Suite” of simulation platforms to corporate clients, training companies and universities globally.